LUV token

The LUV token exists on the Hive blockchain.

I created LUV.

Well, I made the LUV token on the Hive blockchain. The idea came, of course, on Valentine's Day and the token was made two days later. The Hive account @luvshares was started with this goal: to share love to posts, comments, or users on Hive through the LUV token. This is all a bit ironic because I am not a lovey-dovey, touchy-feeling kind of person. I just try to have a big heart.

10,000 LUV tokens were intially minted. Since, I've airdropped between 6 and 7,000. The responses from people have been encouraging.

An interesting and unexpected sideshow has popped up after creating the LUV token...the LUV market. Yes, you can buy LUV. You can read about the LUV market using the @luvshares link's birth, order book, depth chart, it's first sale, growth. I'm finding it interesting to see a market literally grow. We've had classroom theoretical economics, and here is real-life economics.

There are other markets that trade LUV:

  1. Hive-Engine
  2. TribalDex
  3. LeoDEX

If you'd like some free LUV, I'll give you some. All you need to do is (a) get a Hive account/username, and (b) let me know. I'm @crrdlx on Hive, Telegram, or Discord.

The Hive blockchain (at has a lot to offer regular internet users. You can learn more about Hive on the Hive page here or by using the referral button below.

Anyone who signs up with my referral link (above), I'll delegate you a bit of HP (Hive Power)...this will help get started. :)

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