The Hive blockchain has a lot to offer.

The Hive blockchain (at has a lot to offer regular internet users. In my view, the greatest benefits are:

  • You own your work there and you earn profits from your work. In most places on the internet, the platform owns your stuff and earns off of it. You work for them.
  • Hive is decentralized. So, no one runs it and you're not censored. It also means you can't be removed from the platform.
  • Reputation matters. Although someone can spam or do other bad things because Hive's uncensored, the reputation system means that such activities usually don't get far.

A blog is the simplest use.

A Hive user immediately has a blog. It's simple to use and pretty to look at.

Hive Story Animation

Hive has a terrific history. It forked from the STEEM blockchain after a takeover attempt by Justin Sun. I made the animation below to summarize where Hive came from and the Hive ethos:

There are many other use cases.

If you use Twitter (or not), you'll love It's the Hive, decentralized micro-blogging clone of Twitter.

There are really too many Dapps to list here. My favorites are PeakD, Dbuzz,, and (decentralized YouTube). Another major front end is LeoFinance and the Splinterlands game is the largest NFT game on the internet (maybe depending on the source chosen). There's lot's to learn about with Hive.

Learn about or join Hive

Anyone who signs up with my referral link (above), I'll delegate you a bit of HP (Hive Power)...this will help get started. :)

Playing games on the computer or online is something I simply don't do. But, Dcity is a game that I was kind of suckered in to. It's NFT-based and I wanted to learn about it, so I started fiddling around.

You can read about it at part 1, part 2, part 3, and then part 4

Since I like both Hive and WAX, I turned this little Dcity robot monster animation into a WAX NFT.

View the robot monster NFTs on

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