Get Started

If you're totally new to NFTs, let's get you started. It's easy.

The goals today.

  1. Get you an address.
  2. Get your first NFT.
  3. Do it all for free.
If you like video tutorials, here is one.

Step 1 - address

The first thing you need is an address.
  1. We'll use the WAX blockchain because I think it's currently easiest. Go to
  2. Join either by clicking one of the accounts that you have. Or, join by username and email.
  3. Get your address. It will be 5 characters, and end with ".wam", like XXXXX.wam or 5d3qw.wam (as shown below) Also, it might have dots, like X.XX.X.wam
  4. That's all. That is your Wax Cloud Wallet address. People can send NFTs (or the WAX cryptocurrency) to that address.

Step 2 - NFT

You have your address, let's get you an NFT.
  1. I'll give you a "HORScoin" NFT for free. Sign up with this Google Form.
  2. Or, just post your address in the chatbox and say something like, "Hi, I'm new. Can I get my first NFT?"
  3. You can view your NFTs at (replace the 5 Xs with your address characters). So, sit back and enjoy the beauty of your spinning NFT, like below.

Step 3 - free

You didn't spend a penny!

Need any help?

Drop a note in the chatbox or on Telegram, ping @crrdlx. All contact info can be seen at Just reach out, say "Hi", and I'll help.