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An alphabet of NFT coins.

These "coins" are really just NFTs, not coins like a cryptocurrency. But, they're fun. I started with Horse Coin (HORS) on a whim. Then, I went to the beginning of the alphabet and created Aardvark (AARD). They can all be previewed on AtomicHub.

Example coins...

You can get a HORS coin for free. Sign up with this Google Form. The supply of HORS is infinite. However, all of the other coins all have a set maximum supply of only 10.

AARD - Aardvark Coin NFTC - NFTCoin
BRRR - BRRRcoin ONER - Oneiric Coin
CHUP - Chupacabra Coin PIRA - Piranha Coin
DUNC - Dunce Coin QUAN - Quantum Coin
EARL - EARLcoin RISQ - Risque Coin
FOMO - FOMO Coin SKYW - Skywalker Coin
ISLN - Island Coin
JRSC - Jurassic Coin
LASA - Lasagna Coin
MOTH - Moth Man Coin

I take ideas for new coins. For instance, maybe you have a great idea for a "P coin", like Potatohead Coin or Puffman Coin. It only needs to be something that can be illustrated. Funny and quirky is a plus. Drop your idea at in the Chatbox.

The Satoshi Cup 2020

The "Satoshi Cup" was given away October 31, 2020. See details at Satoshi Cup.

Grab a pdf of Kicking the Hornet's Nest

"Kicking" contains all of Satoshi's public writings, from whitepaper, to emails, to forum posts, unedited, in chronological order.

pdf version

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text version

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video version

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NFT version


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