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An alphabet of NFT coins.

These "coins" are really just NFTs, not coins like a cryptocurrency. But, they're fun. I started with Horse Coin (HORS) on a whim. Then, I went to the beginning of the alphabet and created Aardvark (AARD). They can all be previewed at AtomicHub or using the links below.

Example coins...

You can get a HORS coin for free by contacting crrdlx (contact info here). The supply of HORS is infinite. However, all of the other coins all have a set maximum supply of only 10.

AARD - Aardvark Coin NFTC - NFTCoin
BRRR - BRRRcoin ONER - Oneiric Coin
CHUP - Chupacabra Coin PIRA - Piranha Coin
DUNC - Dunce Coin QUAN - Quantum Coin
EARL - EARLcoin RISQ - Risque Coin
FOMO - FOMO Coin SKYW - Skywalker Coin
GUMM - GUMMcoin TAMA - Tamagotchi Coin
ISLN - Island Coin VCTR - Victory Coin
JRSC - Jurassic Coin WXCN - WXCNcoin
KONG - KONGcoin XYLO - Xylophone Coin
LASA - Lasagna Coin YELO - Yellow Coin
MOTH - Moth Man Coin ZRRO - Zorro Coin

The TVtelevision collection of original, animated episodes.

It's TV time. Each episode will start with a letter, A-to-Z. Episode 1 starts with a soap scene, but there will be a wide variety...just like flipping the channels.

Episode 1...As the Days of our Children's Light

All of the episodes in the collection can be viewed at tvtelevision.

The Genesis Block Translation NFT.

What Satoshi wrote. What that meant.

Genesis Block Translation

See the NFTs on AtomicHub. You can see a larger size on

Art courtesy of Bitcoin: the btcblocksart project.

Thanks to and the Bitcoin blockchain, I'm making entirely random and unique art. They are rare...there is only one of each.

Example btcblocksart...

All of the btcblocksart pieces can be viewed at the btcblocksart gallery. Giveaways are at

LDTC is Let's Do This! Coin.

Let's Do This! Coin isn't really a coin, it's an NFT. I'll give you one for free if you'd like one. Read this post about LDTC:

To receive a free LDTC coin, contact crrdlx (contact info here).

WAX and Hive together.

Hive's Dcity NFT-based game featured on a WAX NFT.

The robot monster adds the fun.

See the NFTs on AtomicHub. Read more about Hive, Dcity, and this project on the Hive page.

Learn about or join Hive

Anyone who signs up with my referral link (above), I'll give you a little bit of the HIVE cryptocurrency...this helps get started. Give me a little time though, I'm a bit low right now!, but I'll get to it. :)

The Satoshi Cup 2020

The "Satoshi Cup" was given away October 31, 2020. See details at Satoshi Cup.

A pdf, txt, or NFT copy of Kicking the Hornet's Nest

"Kicking" contains all of Satoshi's public writings, from whitepaper, to emails, to forum posts, unedited, in chronological order.

Read the book review of "Kicking" as featured on

All "Kicking..." links

Bitcoin ordinal NFTs are included in the links above.

pdf version

ipfs hash: QmUhY2xKDLQSnxoePE1R94NdDTjuNuYgKv2cXUdW9gxGQL
alt link:

text version

ipfs hash: QmPDzjNe6gN66seirdgKMsurqG3jpJpWWGGoat6gbhxz2D
alt link: https://exwqn...hornets-nest
alt link: https://nvifk...satoshi-nakamoto

video version

ipfs hash: QmSib8vxyRSnoeW3AtFZjVfNnwt7iaumRBkz63MYh84EUW

NFT version


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