Satoshi Cup


The Satoshi Cup 2020

This endeavor ended Oct. 31, 2020 | Jump Down to the Results

Who likes random chances to win something? Um, everybody!

This is a game of chance. It's based on the bitcoin blockchain's hash.

There are prizes!

  • 1st place - The Satoshi Cup 2020 champion NFT. Huge bragging rights.
  • 2nd place - an NFT
  • 3rd place - an NFT
  • Participation awards - none. I don't like participation awards. In life, everybody does not get a trophy.
  • Dead last - a boobie prize NFT

The upshot is...

There are 10 entry NFTs. If you hold one, you're in. You have a 1-in-10 chance of winning. The winner will be determined by the bitcoin blockchain. The last numeral in the hash of BTC block #654,941 will be the winner. If my math is correct, that block should occur on October 31, 2020. That date was chosen in celebration of the release of the Bitcoin Whitepaper on October 31, 2008.


  1. You need to own one of the ten NFTs to be entered (WAX blockchain). I will drop them for free at
  2. One NFT per person.
  3. The "winning number" is the last numeral of BTC block #654,941. You can use any block explorer, but I like in this case.
  4. 1st place goes to whoever holds the Satoshi Cup NFT that matches the winning number.
  5. 2nd place goes to whoever holds the NFT that is one number under the winning number.
  6. 3rd place goes to whoever holds the NFT with the number two numerals under the winning number.
  7. The boobie prize goes to whoever is one number over the winning number. Just like in "The Price is Right" close, still lost.
  8. Any conflicts...I decide.

Updates, Details, Drop Links

I'll post any updates and the airdrop links at

Read What Satoshi Wrote

Since we're celebrating the Whitepaper release, read it and all of Satoshi's words, at


The block came in on 11/01 UTC time (still 10/31 EST). The last numeral in the hash of BTC block number 654,941 was 2.

So, the winner held NFT number 2, second place went to the holder of NFT number 1, and third place to the holder of NFT holder 0. Dead last place went to the holder of NFT number close, but one over. I hope this was fun. Comment at or @crrldx on Telegram.

The prizes